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A new way to relax and recharge

Good vibes only - Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.) in the Library of Economics

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  • Neuron Activation Pod
  • N.A.P. in der VWL-Bibliothek

The Library of Economics is excited to present the Neuron Activation Pod, also known as N.A.P.

N.A.P. is a wellness pod with gentle vibrations and music.The groundbreaking Neurosonic technology of N.A.P. stimulates the sensorial tissues with very low frequency vibrations. The result is a powerful stimulation on both physical and mental levels. It promotes the body’s natural healing abilities and guides the user into a meditation-like state.

N.A.P. helps you to:

  • Fix stress-based symptoms
  • Enhance the quality of sleep
  • Relieve muscular tension and swelling
  • Recharge
  • Improve your concentration and productivity

Developed by the Finnish brand LoOok Industries and Neurosonic the Neuron Activation Pod is a giant leap towards the future of office furniture and wellbeing in the workplace: a perfect recovery from the stresses of working life.


Enjoy your personal N.A.P. time for free on the 3rd floor of the Economics Library...

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Follow Billy and see how he uses The Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.)

A week in the life of a bear. Follow Billy and see how he uses The Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.) to fix stress-based symptoms, to recharge and to enhance the quality of his sleep.